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Well the main topic today ends up being Gender and how Physical and Spiritual Genders can conflict. I do talk about Christmas a bit too in the beginning. and as always the Bozo criminal of the Day and thought of the day make their appearance.

Song Played:
Gallagher-Talk About Love


Maelynd is with me again today and we float between the topicsof Second Life and How silly it is to be playing old games like Planetfall on a brand new PC.


Today I'm joined unofficially by Maelynd and Norvak and the topic is Second Life and furries. We get into some problems with both and things we never wanted to know on either including SL and in general online relationships, quirks in the fandom and other general BS including good ol Catholic guilt.

Today I talk about writing. I have been writing for some years now though not always steadily. The links below are to place I mention in this podcast. You need to be 18 or over since they are erotic archives.

Click to join xmen_femslash
DXEA Dimitri on Superstories Yiffstar


Today I talk about the Thanksgiving holiday and how the traditions don't seem to match the theme of the day. I also talk about my other show Flash In The Pan as well, talking about the format and upcoming shows as well as how it has evolved from what it started out as.

Well today I wander in topics (like this is new) and mostly bitch about various online Chat/game sites I'm using. The five I talk about are:
Second Life Virtual Places (VPChat) AdventureQuest RuneScape Legend of the Green Dragon
I also chat about VPinMAME. The link to install the program is Here.

The obvious topic for today is the elections in the US. After some words from Radio Sub Rosa, I talk a bit about how People need to stop focusing on issues such as Gay Marriage rights (call it civil union and move on already) and the Iraq problem (we're stuck like it or not). What we need to do is get our house in orderby doing things like eliminating the debt (Eliminating the Federal Reserve bank would help).


This week I talk about Halloween and various holidays. I also give a rundown on my trip back to Minnesota, the laptop I inherited and the search for a battery before I go off on getting a Live Journal Community for the Show.


Ok this means WAR....well kind of. Today's topic is Apathy amoungst fans. In other words bitching out the fans for silently praising an artist's work but never letting the artist know how they feel. Remember folks Feedback is not only our friend, but yours as well. SO USE IT!


Well this show was weird. I started off by ranting about consumerism and finances and ended up bitching about how artists almost never get feedback. And on the way I STILL managed to squeek in Roll Call and the thought of the day. Remember kiddies....Make sure your using the right encoder BEFORE you start going off....and that you have shut it off before assuming it didn't record anything.

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